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KUMC Student Email Use



The University routinely uses email for both formal and informal communication with students.

The purpose of this operational protocol is to assure that students understand issues affecting their use of email at KU Medical Center.

Applies to: 

Resources Covered By This Policy
The University's email system.

Individuals and Groups Covered By This Policy
Full-time and part-time students.

Medical Center, Kansas City
Policy Statement: 

Each student is issued a KUMC email account with an address on the kumc.edu domain. This is the account used for University business and official University communications to students. Once you have been admitted, your network/email account username and password will be provided to you by secure email. It will be sent to the home email address you supplied during the application process. Your internet email address will be username@kumc.edu (e.g., jsmith@kumc.edu). If you have not received your account information within a week of being admitted, please contact the Customer Support Help Desk at (913) 588-7995.)

The University expects students to check their KUMC account for University communications regularly. You can access your email from anywhere by connecting to https://mail.kumc.edu. The University encourages students to maintain separate email accounts and addresses with an Internet Service Provider or free email provider (see directories at http://www.emailaddresses.com or http://www.fepg.net) for personal communications, but students may use the KUMC account for personal communication at their discretion.

For security reasons, KUMC does not allow automatic forwarding from its email system to third party email systems such as Yahoo!, Google Gmail, etc. KUMC email is encrypted as long as it is sent to, or stored by, another KUMC email account; thus, it is more secure than email forwarded over the Internet. Students are responsible for all official University communications sent to their KUMC account and forward them strictly at their own risk. It is in your own interest to assure that your email account is used only by you and that your password is known only to you. When you use email at a "public" workstation (as in the Library or the Student Center), be careful to log off after using email. You may not use KUMC email for commercial purposes, for personal financial gain, to support candidate or party fund raising, or to support outside organizations not otherwise authorized to use University facilities. If you wish to use KUMC email in support of external organizations (charities, for example), you need to secure approval of the Dean of Student Services. The use of email for illegal or unethical purposes, for abusive and harassing activities or other violations of the rights of others, or for purposes inconsistent with University policy or regulation may result in termination of email access, suspension, or dismissal.

Please note the following additional information about student email at KUMC:

  • Student email boxes are limited to 2.5 gigabytes. If you exceed that limit, you will still be able to receive email but you will not be able to send it.
  • Certain types of file attachments which may compromise security are blocked from entering or leaving the campus. Standard file types such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf are not blocked. Attachments larger than 25 megabytes are also blocked.
  • The University uses SPAM-management tools to reduce the flow of mass-mailing and other junk email into the Medical Center. SPAM-management is enabled by default for all students. For more information, including information on how to opt out of the SPAM-management system, see the Spam Firewall info.
  • KUMC email accounts are property of the State of Kansas. The University routinely disables them 90 days after graduation or immediately in the case of withdrawal from the University.

For information on this policy, please contact:

Chief Information Officer
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66160
(913) 588-1698

Approved by: 
Chief Information Officer, KUMC
Approved on: 
Sunday, July 1, 2001
Effective on: 
Sunday, July 1, 2001
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
student, email
Review, Approval & Change History: 

2015-11-20: Technical edits.

2015-10-21: Technical edits.

2014-03-31: Reviewed and moved into KU Policy Library.

2012-12-28: Revised to reflect changes in email system and storage limits.

2012-04-27: Reviewed with no changes.

2011-03-13: Reviewed with no changes.


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Information Technology

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