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Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center Program Policy


Create a fair and balanced structure in a safe environment.

Applies to: 

Program, services, facilities, participants of Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center

Medical Center, Kansas City
Policy Statement: 

The following polices are intended for your safety and convenience. We value all of our members and strive to provide a welcoming, friendly recreation environment.


  1. Grabbing or hanging from the rim or net is prohibited.
  2. Food and drink are NOT allowed on the gymnasium courts.
  3. Proper athletic clothing and athletic shoes are required to be worn in the gymnasium. No sandals, bare feet, or turf shoes allowed. (List not all inclusive)
  4. KHLC strongly recommends no jewelry be worn during participation in the gymnasium area.
  5. Participants MUST seek assistance from facility staff for adjustments to the volleyball, badminton or other setups.
  6. Please check the priority scheduling of the gym courts available at the Welcome Center.
  7. Winning team/player stays on the court, losing team/player rotates off the court.
    1. during busy times procedure will be 10 on / 10 off

CST (Cardiovascular/Strength Training) Area

  1. Proper athletic attire must be worn; rubber sole, closed toe shoes are required at all times.
  2. No food or gum. Closeable drink bottles only.
  3. Please do not store personal items on floor; utilize hanging racks and lockers. It is recommend to lock up your personal items.
  4. Please wipe machines with disinfectant before and after use.
  5. Please do not block emergency exits.
  6. Personal training services may ONLY be performed by KHLC trainers. NO outside personal training.
  7. The use of loud or offensive language is not permitted.
  8. Please report broken or malfunctioning equipment to staff.
  9. If you are unaware of the proper usage of equipment, please ask.
  10. Equipment may not be modified or used in a way in which it was not intended for by manufacture.
  11. The use of a spotter in heavy lifts is encouraged.
  12. Please maintain control of weights at all times, slamming, dropping and throwing of weights and/or equipment is prohibited.
  13. Weight collars are required for free weight lifts utilizing bars.
  14. Please return equipment to appropriate storage areas and racks.
  15. No equipment may leave the designated areas, dumbbells and plates must remain on rubberized flooring. Machines shall not be moved.
  16. Olympic lifting should take place in CST 1 – on the two designated platforms.
  17. Please remain at least three feet away from mirrors or walls.
  18. Please vacate weight machines between sets. Allow others to "work in" if you are performing more than one set.
  19. Maximum time limit on cardio equipment is 30 minutes during peak hours.
  20. Please be courteous to others. KHLC staff has the authority in rule interpretation and enforcement. Failure to comply with any of the policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of use privileges.
  21. Please keep chalk bins neat and tidy. Do not write in chalk on floors or walls.
  22. Please ask KHLC staff to raise or lower divider curtain in the event of sporting activities.

Indoor Track

  1. Track distance: 1/10 of a mile (10 laps to the mile)
  2. Track direction alternates daily
  3. Track is intended for runners, joggers and walkers. Spectators are requested not to stand at the rail or perform stretching activities on track.
  4. Equipment is not permitted on the track in walkways.
  5. Walkers should position themselves to the inside lane and runners to the two outer lanes.
  6. Passing should be done in the outer lanes.
  7. Participants must wear a closed-toe, non-marking rubber soled athletic shoe while on the track.
  8. Participants may walk on the track in street clothes as long as indoor athletic shoes are worn.
  9. Stretching should be confined to the designated stretching areas.

Racquetball & Squash

  1. Courts is available for racquetball, handball or wally-ball.
  2. Court 2 is available for racquetball, handball or squash.
  3. Squash takes priority in Court #2.
  4. Court reservations may be made one day in advance or on the day by calling 913.588.1532 or by stopping by the Equipment Checkout area.
  5. Participants may reserve a maximum of one court one hour per day. Only one daily reservation per call or visit.
  6. KHLC strongly recommends the use of protective eyewear when playing racquetball, handball or squash. Protective eyewear can be checked out at the Equipment Checkout area.
  7. Participants MUST seek assistance from KHLC staff for court conversion (racquetball/squash) to minimize damage.
  8. Participants shall refrain from the deliberate abuse of the walls, floors, doors and racquets. 8. Food and drink are NOT allowed on the racquetball courts.
  9. Proper athletic clothing and athletic shoes are required to be worn on the racquetball courts. No sandals,, bare feet or turf shoes. (List not all inclusive)
  10. Reservations are valid for the entire hour regardless if the individual who reserved the court is present. Others may use the court until the reservation is claimed.
  11. Storage of personal items is not allowed on wood floor inside or outside of the courts. Please utilize bench or lockers.

Group Fitness (Studios 1 & 2)

  1. Food and drink are NOT allowed in the Group Fitness Studios.
  2. Only authorized staff is to operate audio equipment.
  3. Equipment provided for group fitness classes may not be removed from the Group Fitness Studio at any time.
  4. While stretching, shoes are not permitted on any walls.
  5. For some activities, bare feet and/or socks are permissible in lieu of closed-toe, non-marking rubber soled athletic shoes. Shoes will be worn outside of the studio at all times.
  6. Please contact a member of the KHLC staff should an accident, injury or related incident occur. Your assistance in promoting safety is greatly appreciated.
  7. Non GF participants may not inhabit fitness studio during scheduled classes.
  8. Participants must have membership to Kirmayer fitness center in order to participate in group fitness classes. Group fitness is a fee-based service, with unlimited monthly access.
  9. Classes are subject to change of instructor, format, time or cancellation. Classes with 2 or fewer participants will be cancelled. Classes averaging less than 5 participants will be changed.
  10. Advanced registration is required. Register online at mindbodyonline.com or in-house up to 24 hours in advance.
  11. Classes begin promptly on time. Please arrive five minutes prior to start time. Classes close after 10 minutes of start time. Advanced registrations will be forfeited 5 minutes prior to start time.
  12. Please wear appropriate athletic clothing and closed toe athletic shoes except in mind-body formats.
  13. Please notify instructor of any injuries or medical conditions that you may be experiencing.
  14. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will be posted via KUMC Student Services Facebook page, Kirmayer homepage and via email.


  • Unlimited membership to group fitness only $15/month! (members only)
  • Single class pass: Member/student $5 / Non-member $10

Pool & Spa

  1. Members must exit pool 15 minutes prior to closing.
  2. Proper swim attire must be worn at all times.
  3. No lifeguard, swim at own risk.
  4. No diving. Pool is 4ft in depth.
  5. Please be courteous of other swimmers; share lanes.
  6. Pool temp is maintained at 80-80 degrees.
  7. Shower before entering the pool.
  8. Please wear shower shoes from locker room to the pool.
  9. Notify staff of pool or spa issues.
  10. No urinating in pool.
  11. Swimmers shouldn’t swim with open wounds or infections.
  12. Clothes must be worn in sauna; sauna is unisex.
  13. No flammable materials in the dry sauna.
  14. No food or drink in pool and spa areas.
  15. Do not put water on rocks in dry sauna.
  16. Please towel off completely before leaving pool or spa areas.
  17. Please return pool equipment to designated area.
  18. Members must exit pool and spa areas in the event of severe weather.

Equipment Checkout

  1. Sports equipment and towels are available at Welcome Center/Equipment Checkout with a valid and current KU photo ID card.
  2. Participants are financially responsible for any loss or damage to equipment while it is in their possession, including equipment used by a sponsored guest.
  3. Equipment not returned (or equipment damaged) is subject to replacement charge(s). Replacement charges are dependent upon item(s) not returned/damaged.
  4. Equipment offered for checkout is intended for members at no cost. Non-members may be assigned a fee or deposit.


  1. Activity areas past the Welcome Desk are not open access areas for members of the media.
  2. The following full-time staff members can approve a picture/video request or conduct an interview on behalf of the Kirmayer Recreation Center:
    1. Director-
    2. Senior Coordinator-
    3. Senior Coordinator-
    4. Administrative Specialist-
  3. Members of the media must present media credentials with a photo ID when making a picture/video or interview request.
  4. Pictures/video may not be taken in the locker rooms, or restrooms. Pictures of a broad or general activity area of the KHLC may be taken with individual participants in the background. When taking pictures/video of individual participants their permission must be sought and received before pictures/video may be taken.
  5. Members of the media must be escorted by a Fitness Specialist when taking pictures/video.
  6. If a picture/video or interview request is made after 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, approval may not occur until the next business day. Weekend requests will be handled on the first business day of the week.

(KHLC) Facility Reservation Policies

No organized activities except those sponsored or approved by KHLC staff are allowed in the KHLC. Groups wishing to reserve recreational activity space must submit a facility reservation request online. Approval of facility reservation requests is dependent upon priority scheduling, availability, impact to existing programs, scope and nature of the event, date(s) of facility request, and the submission date of the facility reservation request. Facility requests submitted to KU Recreation Services are prioritized as follows:

  1. KHLC Programs & Services
  2. KUMC Student Organizations
  3. KUMC Affiliations (KUMC Departments/ KUMC Units)
  4. Non-University

Facility reservation requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of requested date(s). It is highly recommended that facility reservation requests for larger scale events be submitted at least 4-5 weeks in advance of the requested date(s). Advance requests normally will not be considered until 4 weeks prior to the start of each semester.

A facility reservation request submitted does not guarantee approval of the request.

The appropriate KHLC staff member will contact the person listed as the contact person for the requesting group. Availability, cost and policies will be discussed. The KHLC staff may also assist with the organization of tournament brackets and rules.

If approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact person. If an email address is not available, the contact person will be contacted via telephone.

Area policies and event policies will be communicated to the contact person of requesting group/organization. It is the responsibility of the contact person to communicate with group or organization.

After the event, an invoice will be sent within 3-4 days via email to the contact person. If an email address is not available, an invoice will be mailed or the contact person will be directed to pick up an invoice from the KHLC Administrative Suite 1041.

A quote for reservation fees can be obtained upon request by contacting KHLC staff.

Special Events and Room/Table Reservations

KHLC allows participants of a Special Event to enter the facility. The age limit of participants for a special event will be determined by the nature of the event and the services that KHLC can provide the event.

A Special Event is an activity or event which would require the KHLC Director’s approval and one of the following:

  • Fees are charged or income is gathered
  • Reservation of one of the two KHLC Group Fitness Studios and stereo access
  • Involves people and/or participants outside the University community
  • Event is a tournament, activity, or program that involves single or multiple day(s) and is planned or organized by an entity, organization, or individual
  • The activity is not informal recreation
  • The activity is not a scheduled KHLC Program
  • Food is involved
  • Additional set-up and/or supervision, that would not be necessary for informal recreation or a KHLC Program, are required

All participants of a special event shall be required to complete and sign a Waiver of Release of Liability provided by KHLC staff at the Welcome Desk prior to participating in any activity associated with a given Special Event. Individuals under the age of 18, must have a completed Waiver of Release of Liability signed by their parent and/or legal guardian. These forms will be kept on file in the Administrative Office of the KHLC.

A Facility Use Request must be submitted to the Senior Coordinator of Personal Training and Facilities in the KHLC Administrative Suite (1041) or through the KHLC website (http://www.kumc.edu/student-services/kirmayer-recreation-center.html) 25 working days prior to event.

Provided KHLC can provide staffing, equipment, and facilities for a date/time requested, special events requests will be confirmed. KHLC can provide facility reservation services at the following sites:

  • Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center
    • 2 Group Fitness Studios
    • 2 Racquetball Courts
    • Gymnasium
    • Pool
  • Outdoor Green Space

Intramural Sports


  1. All currently enrolled KUMC campus students, currently employed KUMC campus faculty and staff, and KHLC members are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports events. ALL Intramural participants must be members of the Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center for access to Intramural Sports events that take place inside of the KHLC.
  2. Participants must present a valid photo ID before each contest in order to participate in any Intramural Sports event.
  3. A player may play with one team within a league during a particular sport. A male player may play for one Men’s Competitive team, or one Men’s Recreational team, or one Men’s Greek team, and one Men’s Open team (if available). A female may play for one Women’s team. Additionally, any player may play for one Co-Recreational team.
  4. A player is considered a member of the first team on which the player participants within each league. If a participant is found to have played on more than one team in a league, forfeits, suspensions and/or expulsions may result for all parties involved.
  5. Any team found using a player that is playing under a fictitious name or ID, or a team that has a player that has checked-in under a fictitious name or ID with the intent to play illegally, will forfeit all games in which that player checked-in. The player using an improper ID and the player providing the ID to be used illegally will be suspended. The team captain may also be suspended at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.
  6. Unauthorized use of a university ID will result in confiscation and/or university disciplinary actions.
  7. Team captains are responsible for knowing the eligibility status of the players on their team. The Intramural Sports Administrative Staff reserves the right to suspend any captain or team and/or organization that willfully uses ineligible players.
  8. Teams may not play ineligible players, unless they declare a forfeit prior to beginning the contest. Any contest declared a forfeit prior to beginning play will not be officiated and potentially may be assessed a Forfeit Fine.
  9. During league play, all contests in which an ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team. During tournament play, the last contest in which an ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team.
  10. All coaches and/or team captains must be on the team roster and meet Intramural Sports eligibility criteria. Organizations with an Intramural Sports Chair must list a player on the roster as a captain in addition to the Chair.


  1. Participants must register via the Intramural Sports online registration website (IMLeagues.com) in order to participate in an event, unless otherwise noted.
  2. A captain’s meeting will be held the week prior to the start of the regular season to discuss rules, code of conduct, scheduling, and answer questions. Each team is required to have a representative in attendance.
  3. For events with entry fees, all payments are due at the Welcome Desk of the Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center by the prescribed deadline. Failure to pay a registration fee may result in being removed from the event.

Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center

Kyle Smith, Senior Coordinator
Kirmayer Healthy Lifestyle Center

Approved by: 
Vice Chancellor of Student Services
Approved on: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Effective on: 
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
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