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KUMC Policy on the Use of University Space and Resources


To set forth requirements for the use of University of Kansas Medical Center space and resources. 

Applies to: 

Applies to use of KU Medical Center space and resources.

Medical Center, Kansas City
Policy Statement: 

All University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) space and facilities are the administrative responsibility of the Executive Vice Chancellor to centrally schedule or assign to other administrative units for management.

Use of University of Kansas Medical Center facilities is generally limited to mission-related activities and for activities of registered organizations.

Classrooms, auditoriums, and conference areas are scheduled centrally through the Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) department. Use of specific departmental facilities is scheduled through that administrative unit. All classes, meetings, and events are normally scheduled on the hour or half hour. The time reserved for an event must include time for any special setup; including housekeeping, room setup and break down of tables and chairs. All programs must end 10 minutes prior to the designated ending, to allow for transition between programs.

Regularly scheduled classes will be given priority for use of academic facilities.

No academic facilities may be reserved for an event until completion of the academic scheduling process. After classes have been scheduled, any remaining space will be available for scheduling of activities for University offices, registered organizations, and special events. In case of conflicting demands for specific locations, TLT will attempt to find alternate locations to resolve the problem.

All events scheduled within KUMC Facilities require housekeeping services to ensure facilities are left in clean, working condition. Event hosts are responsible for assuring the event is in compliance with institutional and state regulations. Hosts also are responsible for assuring facilities are left in clean, working condition after their event, so subsequent events in those facilities are not negatively impacted. This includes: (a) removal or disposal of all food, beverage, and serving trays and equipment; (b) cleaning food and beverage spills from all furniture (including tables and chairs), equipment, flooring, and walls; (c) returning all furniture moved into or out of rooms, to their original locations.

All groups scheduling events may be charged room setup fees based on meeting/event needs. Fees will be used to:

  • Maintain, restore, replace/upgrade event equipment (e.g. tables, chairs, poster boards, etc).

Pricing for these services are provided on the Facilities Services Event Pricing Page. Repeated violators may lose facilities-use privileges and will incur additional sanctions.

Any non-registered or off-campus group wishing to use KUMC facilities for an activity must request use of KUMC facilities in writing. The request must be signed by the group’s official representative and be approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor's office. All requests for the use of KUMC facilities will be considered on an individual basis. If use of KUMC facilities is approved, the group and activity is subject to all Medical Center facilities use policies and procedures. An agreement in a form approved by the General Counsel’s Office must be signed by the non-University, non-registered organization and the University prior to the event and be kept on file by TLT.

Medical Center or Hospital units may sponsor events for off-campus groups. A sponsorship form available from TLT is used for this purpose.

All groups scheduling a conference open to the public and charging fees to offset conference expenses are encouraged to schedule the event through and utilize the services of the Office of Continuing Education.

1. Events not requiring approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office:

  • Events which do not require approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office include, but are not limited to, regularly scheduled classes for Medical Center units, and meetings, workshops, conferences, or seminars sponsored by Medical Center or Hospital units or registered organizations.
  • Activities authorized through a grant, contract, or other formal agreement approved by the University.

2. Events requiring approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office:

  • If the proposed event is not sponsored by a University or Hospital Office or registered organization.
  • If alcoholic beverages will be served. See Regulations Governing the Use of Alcoholic Liquor at University Events.
  • If admission is charged;
  • If non-student entertainment is involved;
  • If the proposed event or activity may be classified as a sale, benefit, solicitation of funds or promotional venture;
  • If a primary purpose of the event or activity is financial gain by a corporate entity or if financial support of the event or activity is provided by such an entity.

3. Scheduling procedures:

To initiate review by the Office of the Executive Chancellor, secure a Request to Use University of Kansas Medical Center Facilities form from TLT located in 2015 Orr-Major. Complete and submit the request form and agreement form to TLT a minimum of 30 working days before the event. However, to assure best access to the facilities, the requesting party is encouraged to make arrangements for the event as far in advance as possible; six months is a recommended minimum.

If centrally scheduled space is to be used, contact TLT at 588-7326, to reserve the appropriate room, audio-visual equipment, and special staffing. For events using multiple TLT services or audiovisual equipment, sponsors may be asked to provide the request in writing and meet in person to review event plans.

Written notice of the decision concerning the facilities use request will be transmitted by TLT to the organization and to the appropriate event coordinator. The requesting party must confirm all details directly with the event coordinator.

Note: Approval, when granted, means the location, day, time, and purpose of the event as described in writing or in discussion, constitute appropriate use of University facilities and compliance with institutional and state regulations. Once an event is approved, the sponsor and the event coordinator are notified. If centrally scheduled space is to be used, the approved event is entered in the computerized scheduling system maintained by the Teaching & Learning Technologies department of Information Resources.

If the room requested for the event is not a centrally scheduled facility, the specific administrative unit responsible for the space to be used must be contacted to reserve the space.

4. Guidelines for soliciting and selling:

No selling is permitted on campus unless the activity or events of the selling agent is for the benefit of the Medical Center community under the sponsorship of a registered organization or University Office with a reasonable portion of any financial profits resulting from the activity to be utilized for non-profit, philanthropic or student services projects sponsored by the registered student organization or University office.

No event or activity will be approved for the private gain of individuals or entities.

Selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and other items that may be purchased at the KU Medical Center Bookstore is permitted provided the seller receives permission from the Manager of the Bookstore.

Non-registered organizations may not solicit or collect funds or donations on campus, however, non-registered organizations may provide information regarding donations when specifically approved by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor.

5. Sales tax requirements:

State sales tax must be paid on items (including tickets) sold on campus. Information and sales tax forms are available from the Office of the Controller. At any event where merchandise is sold or admission charged, the current applicable sales tax must be paid to the State Department of Revenue. It is not necessary to list this tax as a separate item in pricing. The retail price or admission fee may include the tax or it may be collected in addition to the listed price.

Exclusions or Special Circumstances: 



Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration

Approved by: 
Vice Chancellor for Administration
Approved on: 
Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Effective on: 
Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
  • Events – Any meetings, activities, or occasions held in any open/variable set-up spaces, or any rooms with 70+ occupancy level.  Excludes student credit-based courses.    
  • Event Coordinator – Primary contact managing all meeting and event details
  • Room/Site Administrator – Primary contact within the specific administrative unit responsible for the non-centrally scheduled space.
  • Sponsor – Administrator or Primary Contact for the Medical Center or Hospital units sponsoring events for off-campus groups.
Facilities, Scheduling, Political activity
Review, Approval & Change History: 

02/22/2017: Fixed broken links to Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual. 

08/25/2016: Updated fees for events information, removed reference to housekeeping fee.

05/06/2016: Removed Date Last Reviewed

11/19/2015: Added missing links.

11/11/2015: Updated by Facilities Management and TLT Media; 11/19/2015 added links to Facilities event information.

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