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Student Organizations Space Assignment Terms and Conditions


The following provides a set of terms and conditions that student groups must abide by if they are granted office/cubicle space in the Student Involvement & Leadership Center suite.

Applies to: 

Student groups that are awarded office/workstation space in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center suite.

Policy Statement: 

Student Organizations' Space Assignment Terms and Conditions

1. Mailboxes: A mailbox is furnished to every organization assigned space.  ORGANIZATIONS MUST REMOVE MAIL WEEKLY FROM MAILBOX EXCEPT DURING BREAKS.

2. Keys: The Student Involvement and Leadership Center staff will issue workstation and office key cards. It is the responsibility of each organization's president to furnish the front desk staff of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center with a list of those members who are eligible for key cards that would enable members to check keys out from the Kansas Union Hawk Shop. A driver's license will be required with the key card in order to check an office key out at the Hawk Shop. Both the ID and the key card will be held at the Hawk Shop in place of the key. Only the specific key listed on the key card will be issued. Must allow 48 hours for key card to be made. No one will be let into offices without a key card.

3. Locks: If it is necessary to have locks changed on the doors to an office, the organization should check with the Union. If the lock change is required because of a change of space assignment, the Union will assume the cost. In cases of a change in personnel of the organization, or if security has been compromised, the organization will be responsible for the costs involved.

4. Utilities: The Union covers the expense of all utilities except telephone. Due to the high costs of electricity, the Union requests the cooperation of all tenants in insuring that all possible care and economies are practiced.

5. Telephone: Telephone service is not provided by the Kansas Union. If a student organization makes arrangements with the University Networking and Telecommunications Office for a telephone, it is the responsibility of the organization to pay for any fee for the installation and all monthly charges and to protect the group from unauthorized long distance calls. Ethernet connections must be arranged through the Union Manager for Building Services. There is a fee to move phone service from one office space to another, should you decide to change office spaces.

6. Security: Organizations are not to leave money or valuables in offices or workstations. Arrangements can be made through the Kansas Union Business Office for securing money on a temporary basis; however, such funds would not be covered by insurance nor can the Union accept responsibility for the funds.

7. Insurance Coverage: The Union's insurance covers only property belonging to the Union. All other contents are not covered and are the responsibility of the organization or individual. An inventory of office and computer equipment should be given to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center Office.

8. Use of Space and Maintaining Office Hours: Organizations are expected to staff their workstations at least ten (10) hours Monday through Friday and their offices at least fifteen (15) hours Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and 11:00pm. At least 50% of hours must be completed between 8am and 5pm. The Hawk Shop will keep a clipboard for students to sign-in for hours after 5pm. The SILC staff has a log in and log out sheet for organizational members to keep track of their office hours. Office hours are determined by the number of hours the office is staffed rather than the number of hours in the office. For example, if five students are in the office for one hour, one hour of office hours is recorded; if one student is in the office for five hours, five office hours are recorded. It is required that members log in their hours as use of space will be reviewed periodically each semester and this information will be an important condition of renewing the space for the following year. Groups having full-time paid staff who are hired as receptionists are exempt from using the log. OFFICE HOURS MUST BE POSTED ON THE OFFICE DOOR OR THE WORKSTATION WALL AND AT THE SILC FRONT DESK.

9. Alterations/Maintenance: All painting, shelving or alteration of the space assigned must be approved by the Union. Routine painting to maintain the area will be done by the Union. Requests for painting for reasons other than routine maintenance and normal wear and tear, if approved, will be done at the expense of the organization.

10. Custodial Services: All routine custodial services for the office areas will be provided by the Union. Out of the ordinary trash and excessive empty boxes should be handled by the persons involved and not left in the hallways. Recycling is recommended.

11. Food/Drink: All food and drink taken from the Food Service areas of the Kansas Union must be in disposable "take-out" containers that the Food Service will furnish on request. Food trays, china, and flatware are NOT to be removed from Level 3 dining areas. Offices and office reception areas must be kept clean and free from leftover food and trash to avoid an additional custodial charge.

12. Appliances: Appliances are not allowed in the office areas of the Kansas Union. This regulation applies to coffee makers, refrigerators, microwaves, heaters and other electrical appliances. The Director of the Kansas Memorial Unions must approve all exceptions.

13. Smoking and Alcohol: The organizations are expected to follow University and Memorial Corporation policies pertaining to smoking and alcoholic beverages. The Union is a smoke-free building.

14. Office Furniture: Furniture provided by the Union should remain in the designated workspaces. Exchanging furniture is possible if both organizations agree and the Kansas Union Building Services Manager is notified in advance.

15. Material Storage: At no time may flammable or hazardous materials be stored in the workspace. This would include stacks of paper/newspaper/paint etc. stored outside of the metal drawers or cabinets provided. Materials to be recycled should be placed in the appropriate Union containers and not stored in the workspace.

16. Wall Displays: Windows and glass fronts should not be covered with posters or paper. Items attached to the walls should be with the use of thumbtacks only, not tape. Permanent attachments to the walls must have approval from the Building Services Manager. This would include hanging pictures, shelving, art, etc. Organizational members should strive to keep their workspaces neat, organized and professional in overall appearance.

17. Inspection: Union staff reserves the right to inspect and review office and work areas as it deems necessary to maintain safety and compliance with the terms and conditions listed above.

18. Space Assignments: Space assignments are made on a yearly basis by the Organization Space Committee of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Organizations assigned space cannot sublet, rent, or assign their space to another organization without approval by Organization Space Committee.

19. Kansas Union Building Hours: All groups are subject to the building hours of the Kansas Union. If groups need to stay beyond regular building hours, a written request must be submitted to the Director of the Kansas Unions at least 24 hours prior to the date.


Student Involvement & Leadership Center
1301 Jayhawk Blvd.- Room 400 Kansas Union
Lawrence, KS  66045

Approved by: 
Kansas Union Administration
Approved on: 
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Effective on: 
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
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07/28/2017: Policy formatting (e.g. bolding and spacing). 

07/27/2017: Review and update. 

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