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KU Edwards Use of Campus Property and Facilities


This policy describes the requirements for holding public assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, as well as the provisions for conducting surveys, petitions or distribution of literature or products at the KU Edwards Campus.

Applies to: 

All faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors.

Policy Statement: 

We are an institution of higher education and respect the right of those who want to be recognized and demonstrate their First Amendment right for free speech. In order to provide a safe and effective learning environment, individuals and groups must abide by the following policies.


Individuals or groups wanting to hold public assemblies, rallies or demonstrations or conduct surveys, petitions or distribution of literature or products at the KU Edwards Campus must register with the Assistant Director of Administrative Services no less than two weeks before the event or activity. Registration information shall be submitted by email and include:

  • The name and contact information for the coordinator or contact person of the group
  • Sponsorship by registered student or campus organization (if applicable)
  • The proposed date
  • The proposed time (beginning and ending hours)
  • The proposed place
  • The manner (e.g., number of expected attendees, number of speakers, size and material of displays)
  • A sample of the literature or description of product(s) to be distributed (if applicable)
  • The likelihood of need for a Public Safety presence or restoration of grounds by Facilities Operations

An individual or group will receive notice of acceptance or denial from the Assistant Director of Administrative Services no later than 24 hours in advance of the proposed event or activity.

Manner of Conducting Approved Event or Activity on University Property

All events or activities on University property, regardless of purpose/content, are to be conducted in a matter that complies with the following provisions:

  • No one may engage in any activity that endangers personal safety and/or results in damage to personal or University property.
  • Must be conducted in such a way that pedestrian and vehicular traffic is not impeded.
  • Entrances, egresses and sidewalks should not be blocked.
  • No one may interfere with or disrupt normal University business, classes, or any organized and authorized activity inside or outside a campus building.
  • Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on sidewalks or grassy areas.
  • Participants must comply with all KU Edwards parking policies.
  • Handheld signs may not be attached to sticks.
  • No one may leave/post literature on the campus without receiving prior approval from KU Edwards Student Services.

Public Assembly Areas

The Edwards Campus has designated specific Public Assembly Areas as locations for assemblies, rallies or demonstrations by external groups:

  • Grassy area on the west side of Regnier Hall
  • Northwest parking lot next to 125th Street

Registered student or campus organizations wanting to schedule an event or activity at the Edwards Campus should contact the Assistant Director of Administrative Services for space locations.

Political Activities

Political activities on campus are governed by state law and certain policies of the Kansas Board of Regents. These and other laws and policy governing political activity are as set forth in the Political Activity summary of Kansas Statutes and Board of Regents/University Policies on the use of University equipment, facilities, personnel, and other resources for partisan political activity.


The University reserves the right to reschedule, re-locate or disperse an event or activity when: individuals have not complied with this policy; the event or activity cannot be reasonably and safely accommodated at the requested location; or the event or activity conflicts with scheduled operations of the University or a previously registered event or activity.


Laurie Brown
Assistant Director of Administrative Services

Approved by: 
Vice Chancellor of the KU Edwards Campus
Approved on: 
Thursday, March 6, 2008
Effective on: 
Thursday, March 6, 2008
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
protest, canvassing, survey, petition, rally, demonstration, assembly, distribution of literature, distribution of products, political activity
Change History: 

11/06/2019: Policy & Procedures Committee reviewed; updated contact information from “KU Edwards Events Manager” to “Assistant Director of Administrative Services;” removed "University" from a sentence to clarify that any organized and authorized activity, including authorized external groups, may not be disrupted; changed related policy "KU Edwards Facilties Scheduling Priority" to "KU Edwards Conference and Event Space."

10/11/2018: Policy & Procedures Committee reviewed; changed contact information for registered student or campus organizations wanting to schedule an event from Student Services to Events Manager; provided more detailed contact information for Events Manager.

01/19/2017: URL alias changed to match the new title of policy.

12/21/2017: Vice Chancellor of the Edwards Campus, David Cook, approved the revised policy.

12/01/2016: KU Edwards Policy and Procedures Committee re-wrote the previous policy, as it was very outdated.

Operational Categories: 
Health & Safety

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