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This policy informs those interested in engaging in public speech or holding public assemblies, rallies, and/or gatherings on University property of the locations, times, and manner in which such expressive actions may be conducted by groups. Registration notifies the University of the plans by groups for such expression and allows the University to maintain a safe and secure educational environment, provide ample space for expressive group actions, and maintain safe traffic flow and safe access to buildings.

Applies to: 

All members of the University and all visitors

Policy Statement: 

The University has designated specific Public Assembly Areas as locations for assemblies, rallies, and/or gatherings (hereinafter “Assembly”) on campus for use by registered student or campus organizations or by external groups. In order to prevent scheduling conflicts, University units shall notify the University Events Committee of plans to use any of the specified Public Assembly Areas as early as possible, and at least seven (7) days prior to the date of desired use.

  1. General requirements for registered student and campus organizations and external groups:
    1. The group must register to use its preferred Public Assembly Area for an Assembly with the University Events Committee. Registration information shall be submitted in writing and include:
      • The name and contact information for the coordinator or contact person of the group;
      • Sponsorship by registered student or campus organization, if any;
      • The proposed date;
      • The proposed time (beginning and ending hours);
      • The proposed place (designated Public Assembly Area from the applicable list below);
      • The manner (e.g., number of speakers, size and material of displays and/or equipment); and
      • Likelihood of need for a Public Safety presence or of restoration of grounds by Facilities Operations.
    2. The group must register its choice at least seven (7) days, but not more than ninety (90) days, prior to the proposed start date of the Assembly, and may register to use the same Public Assembly Area continuously for up to three (3) consecutive days and up to five (5) times each semester.
    3. Registration is accepted on a first-come first-served basis. If the group’s preferred Public Assembly Area is already scheduled for the same date, and time by another group or by a University unit, the University Events Committee will notify the group’s contact person that its preferred Public Assembly Area is not available on the date or time selected. In such an event, the group may amend its registration to select an available Public Assembly Area, date or time for the Assembly, without regard to the minimum seven (7) day notice requirement.
    4. A group can proceed with its Assembly after registration unless it receives notice from the University Events Committee, to be provided no later than 24 hours in advance of the proposed Assembly, that there is a previously scheduled Assembly or scheduled maintenance at the requested location. Registration is not required for an instructor conducting classroom activities outdoors, which may take place at any of the listed locations if such location is not already in use.
    5. An individual not acting in concert with others is not required to register when engaged in expressive actions, and, in addition to the locations identified below, may use sidewalks on University property, so long as the individual does not disrupt University operations, the flow of traffic, or any previously registered Assembly. The University reserves the right to relocate individuals and/or ask them to cease activity when they have not complied with this policy.
  2. Public Assembly Area Locations

    All Groups

    Subject to prior registration with the University Events Committee and in accordance with the University’s requirements of time and manner by which Assemblies are to be conducted as set forth in Sections A. and C., groups may use any of the following Public Assembly Area locations:

    • Northeast corner of 11th and Louisiana
    • Southwest corner of the south intersection of 11th and Mississippi
    • Northwest corner of 13th and Oread
    • Lawn between Marvin Hall and Lindley Hall
    • Southeast corner of West Campus and Memorial Drive
    • Lawn on the south side of Murphy Hall
    • West lawn of Robinson Gymnasium
    • Lawn area between Lot 112 (Oliver) and Allen Fieldhouse Service Drive
    • Lawn to the southwest of Oliver Hall
    • Learned Hall/Eaton Hall lawn
    • Southwest corner of 15th and Engel
    • Lawn on the east side of Lot 102 (Lewis Hall)
    • Southeast corner of 15th and Iowa
    • Southeast corner of Bob Billings Parkway and Crestline
    • Southeast corner of Bob Billings Parkway and Westbrooke Street
    • Lawn on the south side of Petefish Drive directly across from the Dole Institute
    • Southeast side of Irving Hill Road and Constant Avenue
    • Southwest side of Irving Hill Road and Constant Avenue
    • Northwest corner of 19th and Iowa
    • Southeast corner of 19th and Constant Avenue
    • Northeast corner of 21st and Constant Avenue
    • Northwest corner of 23rd and Iowa
    • Northeast corner of Clinton Parkway and Crestline Drive

    University Units and Registered Student and Campus Organizations

    In addition to the Public Assembly Area locations identified above, the following locations may be scheduled by University units and registered student and campus organizations. In order to prevent scheduling conflicts, University units shall notify the University Events Committee of plans to use any of these locations at the earliest possible time and at least seven (7) days prior to the date of desired use.

    Subject to availability and after obtaining the approval of the University Events Committee in accordance with University Events Committee Guidelines, registered student and campus organizations will be allowed to schedule Assemblies at the following locations:

    • Kansas Union Plaza
    • Watson Library/Fraser Hall Lawn
    • Stauffer-Flint Lawn
    • Wescoe “Beach”
    • Potter Pavilion
    • Lawn adjacent to Wescoe Hall
    • Terraces outside of the Burge Union
    • Parking lot 91 and the balcony over the Kansas Union tunnel
    • Public Assembly Area locations listed in Section II.B.

    Use of any outdoor spaces not identified above is prohibited unless express written permission has been granted by the Office of the Provost.

  3. Manner of Conducting Assemblies on University Property

    All Assemblies on University property, regardless of purpose/content, are to be conducted in a manner that complies with the following provisions:

    1. Assemblies must be conducted in such a way that traffic is not impeded and normal activity in classrooms and offices is not disrupted.
    2. The University reserves the right to restrict use of specific areas for the purposes of planting, reseeding, and other general maintenance and upkeep.
    3. No exhibits, tables, materials, or other temporary means of display may remain overnight or beyond the time approved.
    4. Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on sidewalks or grassy areas. If there is a legitimate need for a motorized vehicle, permission must be granted by the Office of Provost in consultation with the Director of Facilities Operations.
    5. Participants must comply with all University parking policies. Specific parking needs should be addressed through the Office of Parking and Transit.
    6. Overnight camping is not permitted.
    7. Handheld signs may not be attached to sticks.
    8. Assemblies are to be held outdoors and must not interfere with academic and business operations inside of University buildings.

Additional conditions may apply to outdoor events or Assemblies that require the use of tables, structures, equipment set-up, amplified sound equipment, or similar resources, as set forth in the University Events Committee Guidelines.

Furthermore, political activities on campus are governed by state law and certain policies of the Kansas Board of Regents. These and other laws and policy governing political activity are as forth in the Political Activity summary of Kansas Statutes and Board of Regents/University Policies on the use of University equipment, facilities, personnel, and other resources for partisan political activity and also summarized in a Fact Sheet from the Office of the University General Counsel.

The University reserves the right to reschedule, re-locate or disperse an Assembly when: a group has not complied with this policy; the Assembly cannot be reasonably and safely accommodated at the requested location; or the Assembly conflicts with scheduled operations of the University or a previously registered Assembly.


Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Center
1301 Jayhawk Blvd.- Room 400 Kansas Union
Lawrence, KS 66045

Policy Office, a division of the Office of the Provost

Approved by: 
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Approved on: 
Thursday, May 5, 2011
Effective on: 
Thursday, May 5, 2011
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)

Assembly: Assembly shall include assemblies, rallies and/or gatherings of a group consisting of two or more persons acting in concert, such as a registered KU student organization, a registered campus organization, or a group or organization that is not a University unit or organization.

Public Assembly Area: Public Assembly Area includes the locations on campus identified above that the University has designated for use by groups to exercise their free speech rights.

expressive action, event, assembly, rally, gathering, protest, protesting
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