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Sport Clubs Policy: KU Recreation Services


To create a fair and balanced structure in a safe environment

Applies to: 

Programs, services, facilities, participants of KU Recreation Services

Policy Statement: 





Safety of participants is of the utmost importance.  There are inherent risks involved in all recreational/competitive sport programs.  Participants in the Sport Club Program should be aware that involvement is totally voluntary and that the University of Kansas does not provide health or accident insurance.  It will be the responsibility of each club to minimize risk of injury in all club functions.  EACH CLUB SHALL DEVELOP, IMPLEMENT, AND PRACTICE THE FOLLOWING SAFETY POLICIES:


1.     Sport Club Officers, Club members, and Coaches/Instructors should always emphasize safety during all Club activities.


2.     Develop and practice safety guidelines relevant to your sport.


3.     Encourage all members of your organization to carry personal health insurance.  A Student Health and Accident Plan endorsed by Student Senate can be obtained at the Watkins Health Center Business Office (call 864-9522 for details).  In addition, each club should become familiar with accident and liability insurance available through the national associations governing their sport.


4.     Inspect fields, facilities, and equipment prior to every practice session, game, or special event.  Report unsafe conditions to the Sport Club Director immediately.  If at an off-campus site, report the condition to the proper managing authority.  Do not use fields, facilities, or equipment if they are unsafe.


5.      Because of the inherent risks, participants, instructors, coaches, and spectators will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while participating in the Sport Club Program.  Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not allowed in or on University facilities at Club activities.  Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs should not be consumed or transported in vehicles traveling to or from a contest.  Infractions of this nature will not be tolerated and it is the responsibility of each club to enforce these guidelines.


6.      Each club is strongly encouraged to have one member of the club become certified in CPR and First Aid during the early part of the Fall Semester.  Preferably, this should be an individual who will be regularly attending practices and contests held during the entire school year.  Recreation Services may provide a workshop for club members, but each club will be responsible to pay for individual workshop materials, and communicating to the Sport Club Staff that there is a need to have someone certified.   The Office of Recreation Services highly recommends that each club build into their budgets additional monies to cover this expense.


7.     Each Club must file an “Accident Report Form,” APPENDIX P, for each accident that may occur during practice or competition.  These forms must be turned in to the Sport Club Director no later than 3 days after the accident/injury.  If an accident or emergency situation should occur, please remember the following steps:


  • First, seek medical attention that is necessary.
  • Second, make notification of the incident to the Sport Club Director.  If the Sport Club Director cannot be obtained, contact with the University should be made according to the University of Kansas Recreation Services Emergency Procedures and Notification List for Registered Organizations listed on page 3 of this handbook.


  • Third, follow up with an “Accident Report Form”.


  • Remember, the first step in any emergency is to insure that all persons are safe, and to call for assistance, as needed.


8.      When hosting a competition, practice, or special event on University property, clubs must have visiting team members or individual participants sign and complete a “Visitor Waiver & Release of Liability Form”, APPENDIX V, before they participate.   These forms must be filed with the Sport Club Staff no later than 5 days after an event.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in the loss of facility privileges for Special Events and/or competitions using University facilities.


9.      If a serious accident, death, or assault were to occur during a Sport Club activity, the first step would be to insure that all persons are safe.  If necessary, call or send for assistance.  Dial 911 for Emergency Assistance.  In the event of an emergency, notify the appropriate University Office (Listed on page 2 of this manual) of the situation.  Never contact the family of a student involved in an emergency or accident unless authorized to do so.  The University or medical/emergency service personnel will disseminate all necessary notification.  If the press should contact the organization, only the President of the club or Sport Club Director should speak for the group.  With the help of University personnel, a statement will be prepared.  Do not release any names or information unless you have consulted with University personnel.




Any student organization currently registered with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC), may apply for Sport Club status by submitting a “Request for Recognition”, APPENDIX A.  After submitting a Request for Recognition form, a prospective sport club must meet all of the following criteria to obtain Sport Club recognition within the KU Recreation Services:


1.      Meet the enclosed definition of a Sport Club.


2.      Conduct a campus-wide organizational meeting to investigate interest in the Sport Club idea.


3.      Submit a Membership Roster with at least 8 prospective student members or the minimum number of student members needed to participate in a team sport activity.


4.      Submit a completed constitution that has been approved by the Sport Club Director.


5.      Register as a Student Organization with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (400 Kansas Union)


6.      Open a SOFAS (Student Organizations Financial Accounting Systems)account in Carruth O’Leary


7.      Attend an Officers’ Leadership Workshop or alternative training session.


8.      Demonstrate that the club purpose is consistent with the KU Recreation Services’ purpose and philosophy.


9.      Demonstrate that adequate facilities are available for the club to meet and practice.


10. Demonstrate the Sport Club Program has the necessary resources to supervise the proposed Sport Club.


11. Present sport club idea to the Sport Club Council for their recommendation to the Sport Club Director.




Once a sport club has been granted recognition, it may annually renew that status by submitting a “Request for Renewal of Recognition”, APPENDIX B.  The Sport Club Director will approve each Renewal of Recognition during the last week of September, each academic year, provided the following criteria have been met:


1.     Club has renewed their registration with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.


2.     Two club representatives attended the previous spring and current fall Leadership Workshops.


3.     Student interest in the club was demonstrated by a membership of 8 active members or the minimum number of active members needed to participate in a team sport activity the previous fall and spring semesters.


4.     Club was represented at all Sport Club Council Meetings, and if it was not, the meeting(s) missed were made up with the Sport Club Program Manager or Sport Club Director.


5.      Club purpose continues to be consistent with the Office of Recreation Services purpose and philosophy.


6.      Adequate facilities continue to be available for the club to meet and practice.


7.      The Sport Club Program has the necessary resources to supervise the Club.


 When a club fails to renew their recognition or meet the above recognition criteria, they are no longer a Sport Club in the Sport Club Program. They lose all funding, facility privileges, and must seek new club recognition status.




Each Sport Club must develop a constitution suited to the practical operation of their club.   A “Constitution Guide,” APPENDIX C can be obtained online.  The constitution must be easily interpreted, so that the Club can operate consistently from year to year.  If modifications are made to a Club’s Constitution, a new copy of the Constitution must be filed with the Sport Club Staff as soon as possible.  In addition, Club Constitutions may not conflict or supersede any of the policies or procedures contained in the Sport Club Handbook, KU Recreation Services or University of Kansas.  The following elements should be included:


1.      General provisions: club name; purpose; dues; meetings; officer elections and duties; advisor and coaching duties.


2.     Specific provisions: membership and eligibility qualifications; officer qualifications; voting and quorum qualifications; bylaws concerning a Student Organization Account and local checking account; and amendments insuring fulfillment of University Requirements.


 A club’s Constitution should be your “operating guide” on how the club should run, make decisions, and any other important matters that may arise.




 Each club must have a University of Kansas Faculty/Staff Advisor to provide direction and help maintain continuity in club programming.  A good advisor can be a valuable asset to a club in terms of providing mature judgment, advice based on experience, and insight into University operations and policies.  The Advisor must be a full-time, adjunct/ad-hoc, faculty or staff member headquartered on the main campus in Lawrence.  No graduate assistant/graduate teaching assistant/graduate research assistant will be accepted as a Club Advisor.  The following are criteria Advisors should embrace while carrying out their duties:


1.      Ideally, a good Advisor can bridge the gap from year to year without undermining the authority of student leaders.  Turnover of officers and members can be frequent and, at times, an Advisor may be the only link to the past.  An Advisor can help orient new officers and members to the history and purpose of the Club.  In addition, an Advisor can play an important role in helping members look toward the future by developing long-term goals and communicating those plans to future members.


2.      Club Advisors are encouraged to support the student development concept maintained by the Office of Recreation Services. They should guide members through the learning experiences provided by the Sport Club Program.  Any Advisor who oversees a club to the extent that students are no longer the prime leaders, removes the opportunity for student development.


3.      An Advisor should meet regularly with club members concerning club activities, as well as being aware of what activities are being planned. 


4.      Advisors are encouraged to meet with the Sport Club Director from time to time in order to maintain effective communication.


5.      All advisors will automatically be added to the Sport Club email update list.  Messages, usually once every week or so, will be sent out explaining questions, reminding of upcoming deadlines, and other issues important to clubs.




Clubs may seek the assistance of a coach/instructor.  This individual should be an experienced and knowledgeable person in the club’s sport or activity.  It is a club’s responsibility to secure services.  Clubs must understand the following criteria as they relate to a coach/instructor:


1.      The selection of a coach/instructor must be made known to the Sport Club Staff by completing a “Coaching Application,” APPENDIX D, which reports information of prior playing/coaching experience and other pertinent information.  This form must be completed by a club officer and be on file with the Sport Club Staff before they can begin their duties.


2.      The coach/instructor must allow the students to take on as much responsibility in the administration of the Club as possible.  Certainly, the person coaching or instructing should make coaching decisions.  However, the students should make those decisions that can be made by the students.  It is up to each individual club to assure that this philosophy is maintained in the everyday operation of the club.


3.      In order for a coach/instructor, who is not a student, faculty or staff member, to be admitted into the SRFC and/or Robinson Center, a student officer of the club must obtain a Guest Card for the coach/instructor from the Sport Club Director.  This card will only allow coaches to be admitted to the SRFC and/or Robinson Center during a club’s approved use of the facility and it will not allow coaches/instructors user privileges.  In addition, this pass will be nontransferable.  The above pass can be obtained once a Coaching Application has been filed with the Sport Club Staff.  This process may require that a photo identification be made by Recreation Services staff.


4.      Coaches/Instructors must sign a Consent Agreement/Waiver.  In addition, they cannot sell or promote outside vendors on State Property.


5.      Coaches may not pay for Travel expenses and/or Entry fees with the intent of receiving reimbursement.



Sport Clubs at the University of Kansas are self-administered student organizations.  The daily operation of all clubs is the responsibility of its officers.  The contribution of each officer is vital to the overall success of each club, but it is the President who is ultimately responsible for seeing that a club functions smoothly and properly.   A current “Officers’ List,” APPENDIX E must be on file at all times with the Sport Club Staff.


Although the duties of officers will vary from one club to the next, one consistency with all club officers is that they all must be students.  In addition, the Sport Club Staff will manage the decision-making processes of clubs relating to the Sport Club Handbook and University policies and procedures with the student club members listed on the Officers List.  These officers must be receiving and applying input from the membership of their particular clubs when dealing with the Sport Club Staff.  A club must elect at least the three officers listed below:


President: preside over club meetings, know the Sport Club Handbook and follow its policies at all  times, maintain consistent communication with the Sport Club Staff, maintain all club records.


Vice-President: assist the President, preside in the absence of the President, manage equipment and inventory, handle club correspondence and circulate publicity.


Treasurer: handle all financial actions, maintain all financial records, work closely with Sport Club Staff concerning the Restricted Fee Allocation.


Sport Club Council Representative (must be one of the above three officers): attend Council     Meetings and vote on matters before the Council.           

The task of conducting the business of a Sport Club is usually too large for any one individual who plans to finish school within a reasonable length of time.  A good President will learn to delegate some general responsibilities to others.  The Sport Club Staff will expect one of the three officers to perform the following duties:


1.      Coordinate all club activities with Recreation Services Sport Club Staff.


2.      Submit all required forms on time and completed.


3.      Serve as the liaison between the club and the Sport Club Staff.


4.      Insure that club members are knowledgeable of the policies and procedures contained in the Sport Club Handbook, and that these policies and procedures are being followed.


5.      Register the club with the SILC (400 Kansas Union) and the KU Recreations Services each academic year.


6.      Attend both Officer Leadership Workshops.


7.      Attend all Sport Club Council meetings or send another club member in their place.


8.      Submit a current copy of the Club Constitution, or its revisions and/or amendments, each academic year to the Sport Club Staff.


9.      Insure all members have completed a Consent Agreement.


10.  Develop and maintain an accurate Membership Roster.


11.  Complete and file Accident Reports with the Sport Club Staff when injuries occur.


12.  Secure facility reservations and seek event approval for Club functions (practice, competitions, and special events) through the Sport Club Staff.


13.  Submit Purchase Request forms for the purchase of equipment, when using the Restricted Fee Allocation or Endowment account, so that the Sport Club Staff can order club equipment.


14.  Submit a Budget Request to the Sport Club Staff.


15.  Submit Contractual Services Agreements to the Sport Club Staff for payment of officials or guest speakers/instructors.


16.  Submit all travel requests to the Sport Club Staff before travel has occurred so that the Sport Club Director can approve travel.


17.  Insure all club financial obligations are met.


18.  Complete all deposit slips and vouchers, associated with a Student Organization Account.  These transactions should be discussed with the Sport Club Director.


19.  Check the club’s mailbox, located in the Office of Recreation Services, on a weekly basis.


20.  Complete all administrative tasks associated with the Endowment Association with the Sport Club Director. 


f.        MEMBERSHIP


Membership in any Sport Club is restricted to currently enrolled students, faculty/staff, who has obtained an adult Student Recreation Fitness Center membership.  NO CHILDREN of current members under the age of 18 will be allowed to be members of a Sport Club.   


Sport Clubs may determine their own membership rules, in addition to the above, but they must be free of any restriction based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicaps.  In addition, clubs may not deny membership to anyone based upon skill level.  However, clubs may designate “A“ teams, “B” teams, etc. for purposes of competition.  Eligible members of the University population must perform the following two acts to be considered an active member of a Sport Club by the Office of Recreation Services:


1.      Complete and sign a “Waiver & Release of Liability Form”, APPENDIX F.  Individuals must come to the Recreation Services office, 103 SRFC to sign a “Consent Agreement”.


2.      Pay club dues associated with the Restricted Fee Allocation System in the KU Recreation Services.


g.      DUES


The President of each club must communicate to the Sport Club Director the amount of money each individual will have to pay, each semester, to become a member of their particular club. This revenue will be placed into a SOFAS at Carruth O’Leary.  The dues structure of each club should be stated in its constitution.


Dues paid in the KU Recreation Services must be paid in full each semester and must be paid by each member in person (no collecting of dues at practice and someone bringing them in to the office).  If dues cannot be paid at one time, the officers of a club may request an alternative payment plan to the Sport Club Director.  The Sport Club Director, prior to its implementation, must approve this option. No more than two payments will be taken from any one individual in a semester.  Cash or checks are the only acceptable form of payment – credit cards and the KUID card will not be accepted for club dues.  Change may not be available for payments made in cash that are not exact.


If an individual would like to try a club on a trial-basis, that individual can sign a Consent Agreement and the individual will have two-weeks to try a club on a trial-basis.  After the two weeks has expired, club dues (if any) must be paid in full in order to continue participation in that club.


Collecting dues and obtaining signed Consent Agreements is a team effort by all of the officers of the various clubs and the Sport Club Staff.  Please remember that individuals cannot participate in club activities unless they have paid club dues and signed a consent agreement.   Once an individual has paid club dues and signed a consent agreement, the individual will be added to a club’s membership roster kept by the Sport Club Staff.



Only “mock” or practice weapons can be used during Sport Club practice times.  Under no circumstances can real weapons be brought into the SRFC or to any Sport Club practice, competition, or special event.   Only approved "weapons" will be allowed during practice times.  The following are “mock” weapons approved for Sport Club practices: subarito, bokken, tanto, jo, wooden gun (preferably painted a bright color, not black), shainai, sai, aikiken, aikijo, fencing foil, epee, and saber.  Please contact the Sport Club Director if you have questions regarding other weapons.  Abuse of this policy will result in loss of privileges!


Mary Chappell, Director

Student Recreation Fitness Center



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Director, Student Recreation Fitness Center
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Thursday, July 10, 2008
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Thursday, July 10, 2008
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