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KU Payroll Related Arrearage Collection Policy


To outline the University’s process for timely collection of wage overpayments and arrears benefits. The arrearage collection process occurs when a paycheck is adjusted that creates an amount owed by the employee to the University.

Applies to: 

Faculty, staff, and student employees.

Juniper Gardens
Policy Statement: 
1. Compliance
An arrearage (also known as overpayment or benefit in arrears) occurs when an error or other issue related to an employee’s pay or benefits results in money being owed to the University. The University recovers these funds from the employee through a process called arrearage collection. An employee’s active or inactive status with the University does not release the employee’s responsibility to pay back any amount owed to the University. This policy applies to all arrearages created for the recovery of overpayment or benefit arrears for an employee for any reason, including, but not limited to, benefits changes, late time and labor reporting, and changes to job status.
When an overpayment or benefit arrears is identified, the Payroll Office calculates the amount owed to the University and then sends the employee an email and mailed letter notifying the employee of the amount and reason for the arrearage. This notification provides the employee the option to repay an arrearage amount through personal reimbursement or through payroll deduction from future pay checks.  If repayment through payroll deduction is selected, the employee must sign the notification and return to the Payroll Office.   
Payroll deduction options follow federal garnishment rules of 25% disposable income (see disposable income calculator). Failure to comply with any notification from the Payroll Office of an arrearage will result in the arrearage being transferred to the KU Student Accounts and Receivables Office (SAR) for additional collection efforts.
2. Responsibilities of the Payroll Office
The Payroll Office is a unit within the Office of Financial Services and is responsible for the following.
  • Oversee timely, accurate payroll calculation or all time and labor and job-related changes submitted for processing on a predetermined schedule created by the State of Kansas;
    • Processing dates are based on a bi-weekly payroll cycle; and
    • All time and labor reporting deadlines are communicated via Shared Service Centers or Human Resources Management (HRM) to all departments, employees and supervisors. 
  • Review and discuss concerns with HRM, Shared Service Centers, departmental contacts, and employees when questions regarding payroll arise; 
  • Facilitate communication with all involved parties regarding paycheck adjustment; 
  • Track and communicate to employees any adjustments that result in an arrearage owed to the University; 
  • Collection of arrearages from employee payroll checks following notification of arrearage and any applicable waiting period; 
  • Monitor ongoing arrearages occurring over future payroll periods to recover full debt amount;    
  • Transfer outstanding arrearages of inactive employees to SAR for further collection efforts;
  • Track all arrearages submitted to SAR;
  • Monitor the Enroll & Pay system for collection of arrearages through SAR; and
  • Record payment of an arrearage on the employee’s record within the HR/Pay system.  
3. Responsibilities of the Employee
  • Timely report all time worked and absences taken to allow for approval by the supervisor prior to payroll processing deadlines. 
  • Review paychecks using self-service portal within HR/Pay system to ensure the paycheck represents all time and absences reported and deductions withheld. 
  • Report any concerns and questions to a supervisor, department, Shared Service Center, HRM, or the Payroll Office for immediate investigation.    
4. Responsibilities of the Supervisor 
  • Timely review and approval of all time and absences reported by employees adhering to published payroll processing deadlines.  
  • Communicate any issues regarding time reported to employees for resolution prior to approving.  
  • Report any issues that an employee reports to the appropriate office: departmental and Shared Service Center personnel for payroll related issues, HRM’s HR/Pay Help Desk for systems related issues, and the Payroll Office for questions relating to pay calculation.
5. Responsibilities of the Shared Service Center
  • Communicate time and labor deadlines to appropriate employees to ensure all time and absences are approved for payroll processing. 
  • Review “heads up report” and work with supervisors on any outstanding time or absences not approved. 
  • Initiate personnel action forms for changes requested by departments for adjustments in pay rates, full-time equivalent (FTE), terminations, transfers, and hires. 
  • Work with HRM and/or the Payroll Office regarding questions related to personnel action forms that result in an adjustment to the employee’s pay.
Exclusions or Special Circumstances: 

Exceptions to this policy may be granted only after a written request has been reviewed by the Payroll Office and then approved by the Payroll Director or Payroll Manager.


Faculty, staff, and student employees who violate this University policy may be subject to holds placed on student records, debts assigned to a third-party collection agency or submission to the State of Kansas for further collection efforts.


Financial Services - Payroll

Approved by: 
Approved on: 
Friday, January 28, 2022
Effective on: 
Friday, January 28, 2022
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)

Arrearage: an error resulting in money being owed to the University.

arrearages, payroll
Change History: 

02/17/2023: Updated contact section.
01/28/2022: Policy published in the Policy Library.

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