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Student Record Policy Primary Records Custodians


Define the primary records custodians and their locations for student records at the University of Kansas.

Applies to: 

Student records at the University of Kansas, both Lawrence/Edwards and Medical Center campuses.

Policy Statement: 

Lawrence Campus

Office of Admissions & Scholarships, Office of Director
Jayhawk Welcome Center
1266 Oread Ave.

Nature of Records: The official undergraduate applications for admission and readmission and new student merit scholarships are maintained in this office.

Alumni Association
Executive Director
Adams Alumni Center 1266 Oread

Nature of Records: For currently enrolled students, files contain student’s address, parent’s(s’) name(s) and address(es), name(s) of relative(s) who have attended KU, high school(s) attended, school(s) of enrollment, and student number(s).

Counseling and Psychological Services
Watkins Health Center

Nature of Records: Psychological records are maintained in connection with the counseling services at the center. Individual counseling records include information provided by clients as part of their counseling contacts with the center, records of psychological testing completed as part of counseling, and counselor summary notes of clients contact (counseling, testing) with the center. The center also maintains separate educational testing records of admission and placement testing that have been requested by students. (Exceptions:  C)

Jayhawk Global
1515 St. Andrews Dr.

Nature of Records: Grades and registration materials related to student enrollment in KU Continuing Education classes are maintained. Files are kept only if a student has enrolled in a class in this division. (Exceptions: A,B)

KU Student Housing
422 West 11th Street, Suite DSH (Corbin Hall)

Nature of Records: All individual housing contracts, room preference cards, correspondence for both scholarship and residence halls, and any materials related to the contracting process are maintained in the Corbin office. Correspondence relating to conduct in residence and scholarship halls, Jayhawker Towers or Stouffer Place are also maintained. (Exceptions: A,B,C,D)

Human Resource Management
109 Carruth-O'Leary Hall

Nature of Records: Human Resources serves as official custodian for information located in the University's Payroll Office on student employees as such information pertains to the positions held. Additional employment records may also be maintained by the office in which the student is employed. (Exception: F)

International Support Services
Strong Hall, Room 126

Nature of Records: For international students on both F-1 and J-1 visas, and international scholars who are participating in international educational and cultural exchanges on J-1 visas. Records include copies of official documents used to obtain visas, work authorizations and extensions of stay, letters of certification and personal information including that provided by students upon arrival at KU, and the official international application and supporting documents for admission and readmission. (Exceptions: A,B,D)

KU Recreation Services
1740 Watkins Center Drive

Nature of Records: For all intramural, fitness and sport club activities this office maintains membership rosters of participants and managers, accident/injury/ incident reports, if any.

KU Parking
Allen Fieldhouse Garage

Nature of Records: Records pertain to purchase of parking permits, record of tickets received (fines), and vehicle description and license plate number of vehicles for which a parking permit has been purchased.

Student Account & Receivables
General Accounting
1246 West Campus Road, Room 20

Nature of Records: Information is maintained on the payment of tuition and related fees, University charges or fines (except parking). Individual student files are not maintained except for specific records regarding financial accounts.

Financial Aid & Scholarship, Office of
1502 Building

Nature of Records: For students who have applied for financial aid, records generally include application information, correspondence and other supporting documents. A record system is maintained that contains information pertinent to each student who has applied for or received any federal, state, or non-University aid. (Exceptions: A,B,D,E)

Student Involvement and Leadership Center
400 Kansas Union

Nature of Records: Lists of officers and advisors of registered student organizations, including addresses and telephone numbers are maintained by this office. Campus and community organizations registered with the University also have officer lists kept on file for the current year. (Exceptions: B, D)

University Academic Support Centers
Strong Hall, Room 22

Nature of Records: Individual student records include personal and interdepartmental correspondence with or on behalf of a student. (Exceptions: A,B,C,D)

University Registrar
1502 Iowa Street

Nature of Records: The official academic record, including biographical and demographical information, is maintained in this office.

Academic Affairs, Office of
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Strong Hall

Nature of Records: Individual student records include (1) conduct letters generated by this office or by representatives of the University community, (2) letters of reference written by the staff of the office at the student's request. (Exceptions: A,B,C,D)

Watkins Health Services
Watkins Health Center

Nature of Records: Medical records are maintained for all students including health information provided by the student as part of the health center admissions process and information regarding any subsequent contact (examination, treatment) a student has at the health center. All medical records are confidential. (Exception: C)


Dean of Designated School or College
Nature of Records in Academic Offices: Grades and information pertaining to enrollment and academic performance at KU are maintained. Files also contain academic transcripts, test scores and other information provided by the student as part of the enrollment process. Students should be aware that some records may be maintained in an individual department of a school of enrollment. (Exceptions:A,B,D)

School of Architecture and Design
206 Marvin Hall (Undergraduate), 785-864-4281
206 Marvin Hall (Graduate), 785-864-4281

School of Business
Capitol Federal Hall (Undergraduate), 785-864-7500
Capital Federal Hall (Graduate), 785-864-7500

School of Education and Human Sciences
210 Joseph R. Pearson Hall, 785-864-3726
(Undergraduate and Graduate)

School of Engineering
Eaton Hall, 785-864-3881
(Undergraduate and Graduate)

School of Journalism and Mass Communications
201 Stauffer-Flint Hall, 785-864-4755
(Undergraduate and Graduate)

School of Law
202 Green Hall, 785-864-4550

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – School of the Arts
109 Strong Hall (Undergraduate), 785-864-3500
102 Strong Hall (Graduate), 785-864-4898

School of Music
300 Art & Design (Undergraduate), 785-864-4401
446 Murphy Hall (Graduate) 785-864-3421

School of Pharmacy
2010 Becker Drive (Undergraduate), 785-864-3591
2010 Becker Drive (Graduate), 785-864-3644

School of Social Welfare
105 Twente Hall (Undergraduate and Doctoral Program), 785-864-4720
108 Twente Hall (Graduate), 785-864-4720

Lawrence Campus: Career and/or Employement Services Offices

Director of Designated Office
Nature of Records in Career Offices: Records generally consist of the employment related information as supplied by the student (background educational qualifications, etc.) and other information requested by employers in connection with employment. Some offices maintain letters of reference as supplied by individuals at the request of the student. (Exceptions: A,B)

University Career Center
Summerfield Hall

School of Architecture and Design
206 Marvin Hall

School of Business
125 Summerfield Hall

School of Engineering
Eaton Hall

School of Journalism & Mass Communications
210 Stauffer-Flint Hall

School of Law
204 Green Hall

University of Kansas Medical Center

Office of the Registrar
3015 Student Center
Nature of Records: Application for admission and readmission as well as the official academic record, including biographical and demographical information, is maintained in this office.

University of Kansas Medical Center: Academic Records

Dean of Designated School

Alumni and Community Relations
1028 Murphy

Nature of Records: For currently enrolled students, files containing student’s address, parent’s name(s) and address(es), name(s) of relative(s) who have attended KU, high school(s), school(s) of enrollment, and student numbers.

Continuing Education & Professional Development
Associate Dean
2003 Student Center

Nature of Records: Registration materials and records are maintained on individuals who receive professional credit from our accredited continuing education programs including continuing medical education credits and continuing nursing education credits. Records are maintained on file for at least seven years. (Exceptions: A, B)

Kirmayer Fitness Center
Kirmayer Fitness Ctr

Nature of Records: A database of all student members, fitness/recreation program participation forms, and records of all equipment repairs, injury reports, daily usage, and facility incident reports.

Office of Graduate Studies
1005 Dykes Library

School of Health Professions
G040 School of Nursing Bldg.

School of Medicine
3040 Murphy

School of Nursing
G040 School of Nursing Bldg.

Exclusions or Special Circumstances: 

Exception Codes


Confidential letters and statements of recommendation submitted prior to January 1, 1975, and are used only for the purpose intended, are not open to student review.


Confidential recommendations for admission, employment, or honors are not open to student access if the student has waived right to access.


Medical and psychological records are unavailable for student access, but the records must be available to appropriate professional personnel selected by the student. Psychiatric records in the Counseling and Psychological Services are separate from the medical records at Watkins Health Center. Psychological records maintained at the Counseling Center are similarly confidential.


Personal records of faculty or administrators, if not revealed in written form to anyone except a substitute, are not open to student access.


Financial records of students' parent(s) submitted as part of the financial aid process are not open to student access.


Personnel (employment) records of a student are open to the student only if the student is currently enrolled. Such records are not kept permanently.


Office of the University Registrar
1502 Building
1502 Iowa Street
Lawrence, KS 66045

Approved by: 
University Registrar
Approved on: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Effective on: 
Monday, March 1, 2010
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
Student Records
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