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Substantial Interests, Submitting Your Kansas Statement of


To articulate the requirements for filing of statements of substantial interest.

Applies to: 

Faculty and staff

Juniper Gardens
Medical Center, Kansas City
Policy Statement: 


Kansas law requires that certain state employees annually file Kansas Statements of Substantial Interests (SSI) with the Secretary of State. Included are all faculty members at state educational institutions who receive annual salaries of $150,000 or more; individuals with specific kinds of responsibilities, no matter what their salary levels; and, in certain instances, faculty and staff who serve as consultants.

Each March, the University of Kansas submits to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission a list of employees who meet the criteria established by law. The law requires that affected employees submit their SSIs between April 15 and April 30 of each year; however, the SSI forms will be accepted from April 1 thru April 30. To review relevant legislation, click on the State Governmental Ethics Statutes link. Of particular interest are statutes 46-247, 46-248, and 46-282 through 46-285.

Who at KU Must File?

Included on the list that the University of Kansas submitted are:

I. all faculty members who receive an annual salary of $150,000 or more per year, regardless of their responsibilities;

II. any employee who holds a position:

  1. DEFINED as a major policy making position (chairs, directors, deans, vice provosts, etc.);
  2. responsible for contracting, purchasing or procurement, except persons whose sole responsibility is the purchasing of gasoline or emergency repair for a state vehicle assigned to them for their use or persons whose sole responsibility relating to purchasing or procurement includes only transactions pursuant to pre-existing state contracts;
  3. responsible for writing or drafting specifications for contracts;
  4. responsible for awarding grants, benefits or subsidies; or
  5. responsible for inspecting, licensing,  or regulating any person or entity.

III. any faculty member or other employee who consults for an individual or entity and then lobbies, testifies, promotes or opposes action or non-action on any issue, including expenditure of public funds, by any federal or state agency or political subdivision. Consultants Who Must File Annual Kansas  Statements of Substantial Interests (SSI) provides detailed information for the Lawrence campus (KUL).

How Do I File?

You may file electronically or by submitting a paper form to the Secretary of State. If you filed electronically last year, your information will be populated into this year’s form and you will need only to update it. The SSI Instruction and Guides, and the SSI Rules and Regulations, the letter from the Governmental Ethics Commission, and letter from the Office of the Provost (KUL) provide detailed information about completing the form.

If you do not have the ability to file electronically, contact the Governmental Ethics Commission and they will supply you with a form. This form is also available on the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website (click on Conflict and select State Level) as well as the SSI Instructions and Guide

When Must I File?

Individuals who are required to file, whether because of their responsibilities or because they are faculty members who earn an annual salary of $150,000 or more, must file within 15 days of their appointments and then annually thereafter, between April 1 and April 30. Human Resource Management (KUL) and Institutional Finance (KUMC) will send out a reminder for the annual process each spring.

To request a copy of a completed State Substantial Interest form, contact the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State, Elections Division at 785-296-4564. A copy fee is charged.


Faculty and staff will be subject to civil penalty as imposed by law for failure to file by deadline.


Lawrence campus and reporting units
Human Resource Management
Carruth O'Leary Hall
1246 West Campus Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

KU Medical Center campus & all reporting units
Office of the Chief Financial and Business Officer
2026 Murphy Administration Building
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

Approved by: 
Approved on: 
Monday, May 4, 2009
Effective on: 
Monday, May 4, 2009
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
SSI, statement of substantial interest
Change History: 

04/05/2024: Updated Governmental Ethics Commission letter.
02/27/2023: Updated to all-University policy and aligned with current practices.
04/10/2023: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter.
04/13/2022: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter.
04/08/2021: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter. 
04/14/2020: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter. 
​04/08/2019: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter. 
04/13/2018: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter.
04/12/2017: Updated Govt. Ethics Letter, Provost Letter & Consulting Letter.
04/06/2016: Updated links to Governmental Ethics Commission letter for 2016 and the link to SSI guide and definitions.
04/02/2015: Updated links to Governmental Ethics Commission letter for 2015.
01/27/2015: Added language to Purpose and Applies to; updated contact information; added appropriate title of approving official under Approved by.
01/20/2015: Fixed incorrect placement for information under 'Who Must File'.
12/11/2014: Fixed broken links.
11/03/2014: Fixed broken links; policy formatting cleanup (e.g., bolding, spacing).

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