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To describe the membership, responsibilities, and standing committees of the University of Kansas Lawrence Campus Transit Commission

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Students, faculty, and staff of the University of Kansas, Lawrence

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  1. Membership

    The University of Kansas Transit Commission shall be composed of ten voting members and nine ex-officio, non-voting members.

    1. Voting members

      The provost shall appoint the voting members from lists of persons recommended by the groups named: seven members of the student body, including a representative of the university residence halls, a representative of AbleHawks, the Student Senate treasurer and four other at-large members, all recommended by the student body president; and one representative each of the Faculty Senate, the University Support Staff Senate, and the Unclassified Senate, to be recommended by the respective senate presidents. To the extent possible, the recommendation list provided by each president shall include at least twice as many names as positions available.

    2. Ex-officio, non-voting members

      The ex-officio, non-voting members shall include a vice provost or designee, the transportation coordinator, the director of Business Operations, the student intern and the assistant director or Parking and Transit, and representatives of Public Safety, the Transportation Research Institute, the University Academic Support Centers, and Facilities Planning and Development.

    3. Invited participants

      The president of the student body shall have a standing invitation to participate in commission meetings. Nothing shall preclude the student body president from being appointed as a voting member of the commission.

    4. Term of office

      Ex-officio members of the commission shall serve as long as they occupy their respective positions. Faculty, university support staff, and unclassified staff members shall serve staggered three-year terms and may serve successive terms if appointed. The Student representatives of university residence halls, AbleHawks, and the Student Senate treasurer shall serve one-year terms. The four at-large members shall be appointed for staggered two-year terms, to provide continuity, and may serve successive terms if appointed. After two unexcused absences in a year, a voting member may be removed. Vacancies in membership, except those places filled by ex-officio members named above, shall be filled by the provost upon recommendation from the group for which replacement representation is needed. Recommendations to the provost should come from each constituent body president.

    5. Officers

      The officers of this commission shall be a chair and a vice chair. Both shall be students chosen by and from among the members of the Transit Commission at its first meeting each academic year, and both shall serve a term of one year. Should the chair or vice chair be vacated, an election will be held at the next meeting to select a vice chair.

    6. Duties of chair and vice chair

      The duties of the chair shall be to preside at all meetings of the Transit Commission, to sign off on Parking & Transit's rules and budget following commission action on them, and to present all recommendations to the provost. The duties of the vice chair shall be the same as the chair in the absence of the latter.

  2. Responsibilities
    1. General policies

      The commission shall develop and recommend to the provost general policies for the management of transit for University of Kansas students and staff. It shall consider charges to the commission submitted by the provost. The commission shall annually forward all of its recommendations directly to the provost, who, with the chancellor, will make final decisions.

    2. Public hearing

      The commission shall sponsor a public hearing at least once each academic year, prior to March 15, to receive comments on the current and proposed policies, fees, budget, routes, and rules for transit. Announcement of the hearing(s) shall be sent to the university community and the media and shall include any proposed additions, deletions, or alterations to existing policies. Hearings shall be open to all members of the public. Individuals may speak at the meeting or send comments in written form to be read by the commission at the hearing. Each speaker shall be given a specific amount of time, designated by the commission, to address the commission.

    3. Standing committees

      At its September meeting, the commission shall appoint members to standing committees for Parking & Transit, Budget, Rules, SafeRide/SafeBus, and Routes. Each committee shall include student members and at least one representative of the faculty or staff.

    4. Meetings/Agenda/Quorum

      The Transit Commission will meet at least three times each semester, starting in September of each year. Agendas will be distributed at least 24 hours in advance of each meeting. Members of the body who wish to have an item placed on the agenda must send it to the chairman five days in advance. Special meetings may be called by the chair or at the request of four members of the commission. At all meetings of the Transit Commission, six voting members shall constitute a quorum. Minutes shall be taken by Parking & Transit staff.

    5. Committees

      In addition to the standing committees, the Transit Commission shall create such committees as it may deem necessary to carry out business for which the commission was formed and shall prescribe the duties of such committees. The committees shall submit their recommendations to the commission for review and action.

  3. Standing committees

    The members and duties of the five standing committees shall be as follows:

    1. Parking & Transit Committee

      This committee will include student, faculty, and staff members of both the Transit Commission and the Parking Commission who are charged with recommending rules changes and policies that benefit both systems. Ex-officio, nonvoting members shall include the director of Parking & Transit and a vice provost or designee. The committee shall submit its recommendations to the Transit Commission and the Parking Commission for review and action.

    2. Budget committee

      In addition to student and faculty/staff members, the university chief financial officer, the vice provost for Administration and Finance, and the director of Parking & Transit shall be non-voting members. The budget committee shall be involved in the development of the annual budget (including revenues from pass sales) and in long-range financial planning. It shall be responsible for investigating the potential for other appropriate revenue streams to support transit. It shall make budget recommendations and submit an annual report to the commission.

    3. Rules committee

      In addition to student and faculty/staff members, a vice provost and a representative of the Parking & Transit office shall be non-voting members. The committee shall make recommendations to the Transit Commission on proposed changes to transit rules, regulations, and policies. It shall ensure that all rule changes go through established procedures before being implemented. It shall report to the commission annually.

    4. SafeRide/SafeBus committee

      In addition to student members, this committee shall include the coordinator, intern, and assistant director of Parking & Transit as non-voting members. The committee is charged with reviewing the operation of SafeRide/SafeBus and making recommendations for changes, improvements, and regulations for use of the service. The committee shall submit its recommendations to the Transit Commission for review and actions.

    5. Routes committee

      In addition to student and faculty/staff members, this committee shall include the coordinator, assistant director of Parking & Transit, and representatives from the contracted service provider as non-voting members. The committee shall make recommendations to the Transit Commission on proposed new routes or changes to existing routes.


KU Parking & Transit
1501 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

Approved by: 
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Approved on: 
Friday, August 31, 2007
Effective on: 
Friday, August 31, 2007
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)

Effective July 2007, the university assumed responsibility for the campus transit system that formerly had been operated by the KU Student Senate. The University Transit Commission was formed to assume the responsibilities formerly held by the KU on Wheels Transportation Board and the provost-appointed Transit Committee. The Transit Commission Rules are patterned on those of the University Parking Commission established by the University Senate Code (Article XIII, Section 2).

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02/21/2022: Updated unit title from Design Construction Management to Facilities Planning and Development.
06/09/2020: Updated Academic Achievement & Access Center to University Academic Support Centers to reflect unit name change.
01/13/2015: Policy formatting cleanup (e.g., bolding, spacing).
10/10/2012: Reviewed by the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and by Parking & Transit, changes approved by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor.
07/13/2010: Reviewed, no changes made.
03/12/2009: Reviewed by Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor.

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